Nancy Spielberg, Movie Producer

Henya, you are a powerhouse!

Linda Greenberg A’H, 4Uganda.org

Henya is one in a billion. She’s a friend’s friend, and her  outer beauty matches her inner beauty  as a professional and exemplary human being.

Abby Resnick, English Improvement Center

Henya’s bubbly personality, skills, and extensive network of family, friends, and colleagues opens doors and opportunities.  She’s on-target and steered me in the right direction.

Rabbi Pesach Krohn, Author, Speaker, Mohel

Henya is an organized, focused individual.  She can be relied upon to come through with everything she promises.

Bracha Goetz, Childrens’ book author

Henya is exceptionally enthusiastic, perceptive,determined, and sincerely devoted to helping people connect with each so that everyone benefits. And she seems to deeply enjoy helping each soul shine!

Joan Gross, eShiva/real estate professional

In the sixteen years I have known Henya Storch, she has continually
amazed me with her creativity, her acumen and her incredible connections…
brainstorming with Ms. Storch has always yielded astonishing results. She has connected me with people and organizations to help advance my businesses. Her connections include people across the spectrum of medicine (including health care referrals) and various types of business…she has been active in publicity, event planning, coaching and connecting people to open up their prospects for exponential growth. Her connections even expand
beyond the United States.

Tirtza Singer, Musician (Israel)

Your PR, bookings and managerial skills are truly the best. Thanks especially for arranging me to be a musician/entertainer on the Kosherica 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. That was a dream you made come true.

Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock

Henya is great to work with , whether its in the music studio, on concert tour, arranging PR , fundraising, or helping me launch my new off-Broadway show, Daniel, the Musical.

Stanley Zir, Never Again Is Now

Henya is super smart professional.  She is easy to work with because of her insights into the human condition and her attention to details.

If you want to launch your ideas and get great publicity, Henya gets results.

Judy Winegard, actress

Henya is a one woman show all her own!  She is a mover and shaker and a connections maker and one of the best human beings I know.

Her selfless mission is  to bring gifted people together for the purpose of growing, learning, and sharing all of our G-d given talents and make us raise ourselves to be the best we can be.

She is definitely making the world a better place.

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