ATARA is a worldwide organization devoted to visual and performing arts among Orthodox Jewish women.  Henya has been an advisor to the organization and been instrumental in planning the annual conference in New York City.

Chesed FundThe Chesed Fund of Baltimore helps multiple worthy Jewish causes, focusing on safety and security issues.  Henya has been a key player in fundraising events and in placing these important materials in shuls, schools and camps.

Mosaica PressMosaica Press and Feldheim Distributors are leading publishers of Jewish books.  Henya has brought authors to the publishers and done publicity, promotion, website development and lecture tours for multiple Mosaica authors including Rabbi Moshe Gersht (Succos Inspired),  Rabbi Dovid Green (Individuality & Soul Awareness), Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen (We’re Almost There, Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purpose), Mindy Rafalowitz (Passover cookbook),  Yocheved Nadell (Adina and Shira, design sketchbooks), Rabbi Yehoshuah Kurland (Jewish marriage/humor).

Ner Echad

This charitable organization was established in memory of Rabbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky for the benefit of widows and orphans. Henya consulted the group as it was just starting, developing materials, website, endorsements and spreading the word about their worthy efforts.   She continues to be involved as a city leader.

Jewish Center for the Performing ArtsThe Jewish Center for the Performing Arts in Brooklyn evolved from Rivka Nahari’s Brooklyn Jewish Dance Institute.  Henya was a key team player in the transformation, including rebranding, renovating the studio, adding music and song offerings and marketing to new students.


tizmoretCamp Tizmoret Shoshana is an all-girls Orthodox Jewish overnight camp specializing in the arts.  Initially hired by the founders to be the camp nurse, Henya has become a key part of the team, helping with strategy, marketing, fund-raising and safety.

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