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Henya Storch

Henya Storch

Henya (Helene) Storch has always been connecting people and causes with her own unique style and vivacious personality.  From her earliest years in Woodmere, New York, her whole family was deeply involved in community and philanthropy.

Pursuing her passion for helping people, Henya earned her RN degree from SUNY Stonybrook, and a Masters in Nursing from Hunter College and has worked in a variety of different healthcare settings providing hands-on care and as a supervisor.

Her lifelong thirst for creativity and learning included advanced courses in Art History, Drawing, Advertising and Marketing.  She studied abroad in Europe and understands French and Hebrew.

Henya has combined the best of her medical background with her personal and professional connections and marketing prowess to develop a vast array of national and international humanitarian projects and major events. She has represented speakers, authors, performing artists and other talent, provided public relations for trade shows, book tours and lectures.

She was instrumental in the planning and development that led to the Jewish Diabetes Center at the Landiano Hospital in Natanya and was a Founding Member of the Jewish Children’s Museum in New York City and Brooklyn, as well as a Major Contributor to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. She was part of the first SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) organization in America and associations with noted medical professionals on groundbreaking research in the area of Alzheimer’s disease, Incontinence and Ethical Medical Care.

“I can only imagine that Hashem has a very special plan for me because I have been placed in such unique, once-in-a-lifetime start-up situations that have resulted in connections and networks of friends, professionals and colleagues across the globe.”

A lifelong advocate for Israel and Jewish causes, Henya has participated in humanitarian missions to Israel, including chaperoning a Birthright for Moms tour.  She is also a frequent speaker and workshop leader.

Her focus on good health and nutrition led Henya to study alternative and complimentary medicine.  Henya is an avid reader and stamp collector.  She stays fit by practicing yoga, Pilates and walking.  She is the proud mother of two young adult children.













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